Selected Orations Marcus Tullius Cicero

ISBN: 9781459063969

Published: February 12th 2012


256 pages


Selected Orations  by  Marcus Tullius Cicero

Selected Orations by Marcus Tullius Cicero
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. 1904: ... NOTES. B. a Bennetts Latin Grammar- A. w Allen andGreenoughs New Lathi Grammar I G. mt GUdersleeves- H. sllarknesa Complete Latin Grammar. FIRST ORATION AGAINST CATILINE. Lucius Sergius Catilina,1 descended from an ancient patrician family, was born about 108 B.c. He first appears in the public life of Rome in connection with the horrors of the Sullan proscriptions (82 B.c), when at the head of a band of Gallic mercenaries he is said to have taken the lives of many Roman knights, among them his own brother-in-law. Vice and crime seem to have stained his whole career.

Yet he possessed unusual gifts of body and mind. His personality was fascinating, and he early gained a following of devoted adherents. In the year 68 B.c. he filled the praetorship, and after his year of office took Africa as his province. This post, however, he left in the middle of the year 66, in order to return to Rome and stand as a candidate for the consulship for the year following. Being accused by envoys from Africa of maladministration in that province, he withdrew from his candidacy and united with other reckless characters in the movement usually known as the First Catilinarian Conspiracy.

This belongs to the last months of 66 B.c. At the elections held that year, Autronius Paetus and Cornelius Sulla had originally been chosen consuls, but their election had been declared void, as having been secured by bribery, and the rival candidates, Torquatus and Cotta, were ultimately chosen instead. The plan of Catiline and his associates was to murder the new consuls the day before their inauguration, January 1, 65 B.c. But the plot leaked out and was postponed till the 5th of February, when it was frustrated by Catilines giving the signal for the assassination before his accomplices were prepared to act.

Abandoning for the present these schemes of violence, Catiline was preparing to present himself anew as candidate for the consulship in 65 B.c, but was again brought to trial...

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